ICT and Manufacturing Technology

Understanding the obligatory role of adopting modern and up to date technologies in the production process, Smart Management Services has also investments in the modern information communication and manufacturing technology sectors in the booming Ethiopian economy. In connection with this, SMS has two newly born portfolio companies - ELROZA Multimedia and Communications plc and SIMCON Technologies plc which are involved in this subdivision. ELROZA Multimedia and Communications plc provide reliable and comprehensive online information platform on how to do business in Ethiopia, where to find jobs and a shopping mart using its official website (; and SIMCON Technologies plc is set up to produce, distribute and export marble and ceramic products; cement made floor and wall terrazzo, porcelain and cultured marble in addition to its import of related inputs and machinery and its exclusive distribution domestically.


In this respect we provide consultancy and training in management and other related disciplines. Moreover, we provide distance education in degree programs [Business Administration, Business Management and Accounting] and other academic programs [Grades 5-10].


About one third of the portfolio companies in SMS are involved in Agriculture and Agro Processing Sector. In this area our companies Roomi Farms, Roomi Poultry and Nael Agro Industry produce processed and semi-processed agricultural products.


Hotel and catering service is one of the sectors that SMS is known for. Roomi Burger offers fast served high quality individual meals such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, cakes, juices, ice cream, smoothies using three big outlets in Addis Ababa. And, Galaxy Hotel provides a full-fledged hotel and related services in Gambella town.


We manufacture, supply and export leather and leather products such as wallets, traveling bags, belts, money bags, file-holders, laptop-bags, ladies purse, among others. Moreover, we are involved in manufacturing and hexing of aluminum profile for the construction sectors besides selling aluminum profiles and accessories imported from Italy, Dubai and China.


In addition to its large scale investment in the domestic economy, SMS has also a great deal of involvement in international import export trade in the country. Importing manufacturing goods from abroad and exporting our processed and semi processed agricultural products are some of the undertakings of SMS in the international market.

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