ELROZA Multimedia and Communications



ELROZA Multimedia and Communications plc – ELROZA - is set up to provide reliable and comprehensive online information platform on how to do business in Ethiopia, where to find jobs and shopping mart using its official website (www.22bole.com).  Hence, it provides online shopping, job and business portals. Generally, ELROZA (www.22bole.com) provides services in three sections: - 22bole mart, 22bole jobs portal and 22bole business portal. 22bole mart is an online shopping mall which has user friendly and easy to use interface having instructions both in Amharic and English. In 22bole mart the seller can rent a shop and will be given his/her own page to administer. The packages are delivered with different capacity and are provided with fair prices. Moreover, 22bole jobs portal is an online jobs portal which brings job seekers and employees together. Again, this package provides employment solutions with a relatively fair price. Furthermore, 22bole business portal provide reliable, frequently updated and comprehensive online contact information on different businesses in Ethiopia.

  • Wolo Sefer, Tebaber Berta Building,

           5th Floor, Office No. 502.

  • Tel:- +251-115-54-99-60
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  • P.o.box:121338