Portfolio Companies

ELROZA Multimedia and Communications


ELROZA Multimedia and Communications plc – ELROZA - is set up to provide reliable and comprehensive online information platform on how to do business in Ethiopia, where to find jobs and shopping mart using its official website (www.22bole.com).  Hence, it provides online shopping, job and business portals. Generally, ELROZA (www.22bole.com) provides services in three sections: - 22bole mart, 22bole jobs portal and 22bole business portal. 22bole mart is an online shopping mall which has user friendly and easy to use interface having instructions both in Amharic and English. In 22bole mart the seller can rent a shop and will be given his/her own page to administer. The packages are delivered with different capacity and are provided with fair prices. Moreover, 22bole jobs portal is an online jobs portal which brings job seekers and employees together. Again, this package provides employment solutions with a relatively fair price. Furthermore, 22bole business portal provide reliable, frequently updated and comprehensive online contact information on different businesses in Ethiopia.


SIMCON Technologies


SIMCON Technologies plc - SIMCON - is set up to produce, distribute and export marble and ceramic products. Moreover, SIMCON produces and distributes cement made floor and wall terrazzo, porcelain and cultured marble. In addition, it imports related inputs and machinery and exclusively distributes it domestically.


B – Right Management Institute (BMI)

B-right Management Institute (BMI) is the oldest portfolio company under the umbrella of SMS established in Sep. 2003. The institute was founded by a small group of young and committed professionals to provide consultancy and training in management and related disciplines. From a modest beginning as a small training center, it has evolved in to a full-fledged educational and consultancy house encompassing diverse areas. The institution now prides itself as a center of excellence and to be playing a catalytic role in the overall development process of the country. BMI envisions achieving a status as one of leading management consultancy and training institutes in Ethiopia and is working to build and facilitate the institutional and organizational capacity building processes of client organizations so that they can effectively deal with their day-to-day activities, enable managers take up their responsibilities in making informed decisions and management actions.


Ethiopis College

Ever since its establishment in 2005, Ethiopis College has been a place of excellence for quality distance education to citizens who are unable to join regular education throughout the country for a decade. In connection with this, Ethiopis offers distance degree programs in Business Administration, Business Management and Accounting in addition to its Academic Program [grades 5-10] in Amhara, Oromia, Addis Ababa, SNNP and Gambella regional states. Ethiopis is working to create access to high class education for those determined to make the most of their personal and professional performance. Our college envisions being internationally recognized as one of the top colleges and will be the institution of “world class choice” for highly qualified students. Integrity, respect, empowerment, professional excellence, creativity and innovativeness in education are the core values in the college.

Roomi Burger

Roomi Burger is another business under SMS engaged in the fast food value chain sector established in Jan. 2011.  Roomi is working to be one of the most successful fast food outlets in Ethiopia starting with few outlets in the country. Roomi provides fast served high quality individual meals such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, cakes, juices, ice cream, smoothies and so on. Roomi provides its individual meal products using two host branches around Atlas and Bisrate Gabriel and a third branch around Lebbu through franchise. Roomi Burger envisions being the leader in the fast foods vending culture in Addis Ababa and regional towns in the country.

 JEVIS Aluminum

JEVIS Aluminum Works is established in 2014 envisioning being an excellent, committed and prompt provider of quality aluminum and aluminum products for the rapidly growing construction sector in the country. Manufacturing and hexing of aluminum profile for the construction sectors besides selling aluminum profiles and accessories imported from Italy, Dubai and China are the major undertakings of JEVIS aluminum works. Our company is known to be experienced in all kinds of aluminum works on doors, windows, curtain walls, cladding walls and handrail works.

Ethio-Highland Marathon

Ethio - Highland Marathon is another portfolio company operating under SMART Management Services (SMS) which is engaged in event organization and management services. Ethio - Highland Marathon design, manage and organize conferences, concerts, inaugurations, corporate events, award ceremonies, and fashion shows, press conferences, training events, weddings, product launches, charity fund raisings and other related in door services.

Galaxy Hotel

Galaxy Hotel is another portfolio company under SMS which provide a full-fledged hotel and related services. Galaxy is a three star hotel providing best served food, beverage, and room services in Gambella town.

JEVIS Leather

JEVIS Leather is a professional manufacturer, exporter and supplier of leather and leather products using genuine leather and workmanship and a modern production technology.  JEVIS Leather is specialized in the design, production and exports of all kinds of leather products such us; wallets, traveling bags, belts, money bags, file-holders, laptop-bags, ladies purse, among others. 


Roomi Trading

Roomi trading is involved in selling and distributing stationary to the public market.


Roomi Poultry



Nael Agro-Industry


Roomi Farms

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