Message from the founder


The website is designed to provide an in-depth, comprehensive and up to date review on our portfolio companies and to SMS in general reflecting the pride we, as SMS employees across our portfolio companies, have in our continuing growth and current success.It conveys our sense of mission and vision - to become the preferred best in class leaders in our respective investment divisions in Ethiopia.

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The SMART corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements. From the opening of B Right Management Institute (BMI) 10 years before to the present day, our tradition of cleverness has driven continuous improvement in the way we operate and a persistent drive for growth. We are a multisectoral company with hundreds of employees taken from many different parts of the country with different backgrounds. Everyday, our services and products touch the lives of thousands of people all around the nation.

Through our website, you will discover our commitment to our students, partners, clients and customers to and with which we operate; our work to provide quality education and managerial consultancy services; our pioneering technology and innovation in the booming construction sector in Ethiopia; the high quality products and services we offer to our customers in the hotel and catering sector; and, the financial return we offer to the owner.

We are striving to sustain and build on the remarkable success which we have enjoyed since BMI’s establishment. Our focus then and now is to challenge the status quo; working proactively with our customers to find the best solutions and applications to assure ‘sustainable’ long term relationships.

These are exciting times for SMART and I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and innovative nature as you browse through this website. 


Adil Abdella Thabit

CEO and Founder

SMART Management Services

  • Wolo Sefer, Tebaber Berta Building,

           5th Floor, Office No. 502.

  • Tel:- +251-115-54-99-60
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.